Friday, March 31, 2006


So I think there is another BFW in the works, or maybe it should just be called Little Fun Weekend since it will potentially only be me, Sarah, and Soph. All (as in the members & friends of this blog) are welcome to join us in the DFW area at the end of April. Kris, I forgot I have a thing at church on May 7th and the fares have already gone up so I am probably going to have to keep the original dates. Still, I hope we can work something out to see each other sometime between now and December.

In other travel news, there was an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch yesterday about a wondrous new mode of transport. It is a new bus line called that offers cheap direct trips from Chicago to several other Midwestern cities. Here's the great part - one way fares start at just $1. On each route, a limited number of $1 seats will be sold, but even if you miss out on those, the fares are still extremely reasonable (under $10 one way). It's no joke - I put in some random dates in April, picked my times, and was quoted a total for the roundtrip of $2.50 (there is a $.50 reservation fee). I've already told Chrissy that this takes away any excuse she would have for not coming to visit me...often.

Chris read my last posting about the Baby-sitters Club books and volunteered to go back to the thrift store and pick some up to fill in my collection. He told me to expect 28 books in the mail any day.

Sars, I'd like to repeat my thank you for the dashboard hula girl you sent for my birthday. It is sitting on my desk at work with my dashboard hula dog (whose arm broke off today when he fell off the desk - where's the Super Glue?). By the way, I did not catch those lyrics - I ended up googling them. I do enjoy some Cake (ah, what a fun night at the Riv), but on that particular song the words to the verse are not what stand out... Were you still wanting a mix? Does it need to be Sophie-friendly?

Megan? Katie? Kristy?

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