Thursday, March 30, 2006

More Trivia

Brain Teaser for Today:
"Heads of state who ride and rangle,
Who look at your face from more than one angle,
Can cut you from their bloated budgets,
Like sharpened knives to Chicken McNuggets."

Can anyone place these lyrics?
Or at least give me the chorus. (Jo, I'm counting on you)
If not, stay tuned for another hint.
David pulled out this CD today, and it put a smile on my face thinking of you guys.

Kel, don't be jealous, but while your getting ready for prom, I'll be having a garage sale. Woo Hoo. Although it should be better than the last one I had (Think July in Texas 7 months pregnant. Smart.) As I was getting things together, I ran across the photo albums from both the Power Ranger and Ducky sagas. In case you don't remember, "Ducky" was Jason's cute (but vastly inferior) attempt at revenge. Boy, we sure had a lot of spare time back in the day.

The actual title to this blog should be either "Good Old Days" (but were they?) or "I Miss Y'all Terribly" (which I do)or "Memories of Stupid, but Fun Things We Used to Do With All Our Spare Time" (yeah, that's it.)

Hope everyone has as great a weekend as me and Kel.

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Megan said...

We've been scanning pictures onto the computer, and have some great ones, a lot from freshman year, that had me laughing so hard I was snorting (which in turn made Todd laugh also). I'm hoping to forward them. If I posted them on this blog would they be open to the world seeing them? I'd rather not have them out there, especially a bra picture from our sophomore year!