Thursday, March 09, 2006


We're in Florida this week, visiting Nana and Papa (easier than saying Gma and Gpa for the boys) and gearing up for the month from hell in April (my work - I do alot of board of directors meeting preparation, and we have 5 meetings plus the annual shareholders meeting - I'm requesting a shower and couch for my cubicle!). I'm convinced that Indiana must 80 degrees also, and am not ready for the shock once we get back on Sunday. The boys went to the beach - Anders loved it, and Elijah complained about having sand on him. Anders got carsick on the trip down (twice) and we spent an hour in downtown Nashville trying to clean him up and his carseat.

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kel said...

Poor Meg! You sound like such a real adult- dealing with sick kids and long hours at the office. Maybe when I'm 29 I'll finally be a real adult.