Friday, March 31, 2006

Pretty In Pink

The Chicago Transit Authority has announced that the 54/Cermak branch of the Blue Line is going to be renamed the Pink Line. (Read the Chicago Tribune article here.) I thought this was appropriate to note here given the pinkness of this blog. (By the way, let me know when you all want to change the color scheme.) You definitely get the feeling from some of the comments in the article that some people believe it would have been more appropriate to have the Pink Line running through Boys' Town instead of some of the toughest areas in the city but I guess it is a little late to rename the Red or Brown lines. The new color was chosen through an essay contest for students around Chicagoland. Here is one of my favorite excerpts:

Pink! Isn't it an amazing, extraordinary color? Who does not like pink? I say pink would be an awesome, great color for the new line! It's so bright and lively. Doesn't it make you jolly and exquisite? . . . It reminds me of the Pink Panther! What a great name. Aren't trains supposed to be fast? And aren't panthers fast? -- Eleni Vrettos, 7th grade, Unity Junior High East, Cicero

I don't know if I should admit this, but I can't tell you how many times I sat on the train and wondered what they would do when it was time to name a new line. Pink would come to mind but I didn't think they'd actually use it. Now I know better.

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Katie said...

That little essay was so cute!!