Friday, March 10, 2006


Carl's eye is not progressing as the doctors would like. He has been prescribed another week of "sit rest." If his retina is damaged he might need surgery. We'll see (pun unintended). Fortunately my sister will be in town this week to keep him company since the rest of us are at work all day.

As for the Oscars- I had only seen ONE of the movie- P & P- and I went to the movies a lot this year. Either I have low brow taste, which I am fully willing to own up to, or the Academy Award does not reflect what the average Joe actually watches. I would like to see Capote and Walk the Line though. I liked reading Memoirs of a Geisha, but the reviews scared me ooff. It looked pretty though.

All I actually saw of the Oscars was the first twenty or so minutes, which I thought was pretty funny- especially the clips from all the westerns. HILARIOUS.

Yay for Sophie on her first food and first actual vomit. Two big firsts in one day. Tell David that the indoctrination may backfire. My dad feed us Beach Boys from the womb and I'm not a fan and Lindsay can't stand them. So, he may be shooting himself in the foot. Of course Texans like guns, so he might not really mind that either.

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