Thursday, March 09, 2006


Well, Sophie is a big girl now. She had her first taste of rice cereal. It was really cute because she was making faces trying to figure out what the foreign subatance was. She really liked it. And then, about 4 hours later, she puked it all up. That was fun. Apparently, since she is not used to formula (and that's what I mixed the cereal with) it kind of overwhelmed her little system having two newish things,formula and cereal, at once. So, we'll try again in a few days either mixing it with breastmilk or with water.
I don't want to be the mom that only talks about her children and has no other life, so I'll ask if anyone (Kel) watched the Project Runway finale. Thoughts? I was a little disappointed in Santino's collection, but I like Chloe a lot better than last year's winner.
Anyway, how is everybody?


kel said...

Hello. Ever heard of a spoiler alert? PR is on at 11PM here! I had to tape it and was looking forward to watching!

kkyle said...

Ladies! Thanks to Jo for the info about this blog. Yay! I look foward to catching up. I'm particularly interested in the title, "Marge (and other things that don't make sense)."

Project Runway RULES!

Megan said...

I feel really out of touch - what channel is Project Runway even on? I just make sure I see Lost each week and I'm set.

Hi Kristy and Katie!!

kel said...

Project Runway is on the fabulous network BRAVO. If you do have cable, don't worry because Bravo is VERY generous with reruns. You could catch the whole season if you ever had a minute to sit down and watch, but it sounds like with your hectic schedule it would be difficult.