Friday, April 21, 2006


Apparently someone else out there shares my dislike of Gilbert Gottfried; he made it to #1 on Boston's "Unsexiest Man" list. It is funny because as soon as I read the title, their #2 man came to my mind. Some of you know him as "The Big Unit" (Kel, I know you know this.) I was glad to see they picked on all political parties equally, including the liberterians (sp?). Of special interest to us: #77. But the listmakers got confused and made a terrible mistake, they put Brad Pitt as #100. Fools, all of them!! Anyway, here's the article:
and the list itself:
Read and enjoy.


kel said...

As soon as the big unit left for the Yankees he became DEAD to me. I found it interesting that seven men were less sexy than Osama Bin Laden. Perhaps the fact that at any moment he may kill you makes him sexy- women love the danger. I do not understand Brad Pitt. Have they seen Ocean's Eleven???

mitsi said...

How is it that Richard Simmons is not closer to the top? Seriously, folks. It's Richard Simmons.