Monday, April 24, 2006

Weekend Update

Well, even though the last three posts are mine, I won't take it personally. No, really, it's ok. I'll just write and pour my heart out to noone in particular. Actually, my reason for writing today is simple: It's Monday. (aka Cleaning Day) I just don't feel like dusting right now, so I won't. You can't make me. So, I thought I'd just tell you some things from this weekend. On Saturday night at around 3 am, I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall for no apparent reason. I must have been dreaming and then the air conditioner came on-it sounded so loud. I remember thinking that the ceiling was falling on me. Did I attempt to rescue my sleeping husband? Not a chance. I am hoping that I was heading to Sophie's room to save her, but I have my doubts. David found me stumbling down the hall and put me back in bed. So even when Sophie isn't waking up at all hours, I still have to get up due to my paranoid dreams. That's a mother's life, I guess. (Read with a martyr-sounding voice and a sigh. I'm practicing for when Sophie is old enough for guilt therapy.)
Sophie bit me with her new teeth on Thursday. Use your imagination on where. I will also save that little tidbit for when she is older. She sits up all by herself now and can give big, wet kisses. And every once and a while, she'll clap with you. She is also very into her Baby Mozart movie. She sits in her exer-saucer and just stares and stares. So much like her mommy, that little one.
One last thing: GO MAVS!!!

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