Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ode to Benjamin Franklin

Yes, I know this is weird. I love Benjamin Franklin. Yes, that is weird to love a founding father. Especially since I am not particularly patriotic. My sister hates BF, which is funny too. All the same, there is a very special place in my heart for him. And I don't love him because he allegedly discovered electricity (seen the cartoon Ben and Me where the mouse meets Ben and they together discover electricity with the key on the kite?) even as I sit here using no fewer than ten electrically powered items. I love him because of the library. Yep, the public library system in America was his idea. And I LOVE the idea of the library. I LOVE the actuality of the library. Where else can you get things for free? Where else can you get on the internet, request something from all over town, and have them email you and tell you it's there at a very convenient location- for free? With gas at $3, this is not a service to be taken lightly. I love going to the library. I love checking out way too many books. I love the books on tape and CD (which besides walking with wendy, my workout buddy- is the only reason I work out any more). They even have DVDs! For md being a bibliophile you'd be surprised to know (if you cared at all) that I only have two bookshevles. I don't need to own the books. Hence the library. BF- BFF!

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Mrs.Robinson said...

Hi girls! Thanks for linking to my blog! I appreciate your may want to check over there as I have totally stolen Kelly's idea and posted my own Claim to Lame entry. I just might be the lamest person ever.

Kelly, I was just reflecting on your love of the library and I have decided that we need to have libraries for more than just books. Specifically, I'd like a library of cooking tools and size 10 shoes. If I just need, say, a bundt pan and some sling backs for a special occasion I shouldn't have to buy them. I want to just check them out and return them at my convience.

Ben Franklin should have thought of that.