Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm Back

Hallelujah! The fast is over! My students and I chose to take the Jewish approach to the day and decided the fast ends tonight at sundown rather than tomorrow morning. (Other cultures may use these policy too, I'm just familiar with the way the Jewish Shabat works). I'm watching American Idol as I write this. Yeah! I was hoping I'd have some deep insights, but truthfully not so much. I do think that discipling yourself is always a good practice. Doesn't mean I will be giving up chocolate any time soon.

So I missed the Ben and Jerry ice cream night. So sad. I'm not even sure if we have one in town. So I'm eating pretzels instead. They do not even compare.

I promised an update on the make up purchase. I definitely am enjoying my bare minerals. I like that I do not have that make up line (you know the corpse like white neck and the orangey face) and it gives pretty good coverage. Overall, I'm pleased.

Book club was fun last night. I definitely recommend The Great Divorce as an easy C.S. Lewis read.

My neighbor wants to set me up with a really attractive guy (according to her). He's 22. Yikes.

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