Thursday, May 25, 2006

Those Three Little Words

So I may be the only one of our little blogging community that watched the American Idol finale tonight (which is amazing since 200 million people around the world were supposedly watching it- what are you guys- Amish?) but I feel the need to blog about it anyway. I think I need a safe place to emotionally process the whole experience, which for me boils down to three little words.

But of course, before I reveal those words (I'm taking my cues from Ryan Seacrest these days) I need to ramble a bit. So the show was chock full of "stars" some legit, some not. Some clearly evidencing face lifts, some clearly either drunk or on drugs, or just really strange (hello, Prince!). There were all sorts of fun surprises where people were revealed and the audience gasped and it was very fun. The comedy was terrible, but that is AI for you. I covet some of the dresses the women were wearing so much it hurts. When I went shopping for dresses at Christmas, I found exactly two (not counting the prom dresses in the juniors' section). All in all it was way more entertaining than I expected - I still remember season one's debacle finale where both Justin (remember him?) and Kelly sang "A Moment Like This" not once, not twice, but three times EACH. Dreadful. So this was much improved.

But after this two hour extravaganza and the emtionals highs and lows, the three words emblazoned on my brain: Clay Aiken's hair. If you have not seen it, you must must find it. It is worth seeing. I also think you can all agree there must be a law of some sort: men are FORBIDDEN from having bangs. It is NEVER good, any time, any place - it's a clear violation. There are sometimes excuses for hair styles I don't like, for instance bandanas worn on the head. Well of course, some people need them for legitimate reasons such as keeping the sweat out of their eyes or covering their bald spot. And of course some people need a mullet because they need to look respectable from the front and show they're ready to party from the back. I get it. But the bangs, sadly no. I think Clay took a cue from Nick on CSI and thought, hey I'll mix it up and get the bangs. If it's on CSI it must be cool. And while I applaud Mr. Aiken's choice to change it up and shed that old tired image I have to gently say, put down the straightening iron and come back into the light.


Jo said...

Kelly, again with the being funny. After ___ (how many seasons have there been? insert number here) seasons of American Idol, my mom's excitement has finally started to infect me a bit. She is highly skilled at predicting the finalists. I've only watched about 3 or 4 episodes this season, but I was so interested in the outcome that I called my mom from work at 9:01 p.m. to get the update and then announced it to the rest of the employees in the store. (None of them cared.) That Mr. Hicks is pretty sexy with that gray hair. I know, I'm weird. But we've always known my taste in guys is unusual.

kel said...

Five seasons (Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie, Taylor) As I recall, your mom predicted Ace would win. But that's the thing about Taylor NO ONE would have called it. He is kind of cute, I will give you that. And your taste is very unusual.

kel said...

Someone else who agrees with me.

Sars said...

Giant Swiffer? That's a bit rough. (But funny.) Ha ha, I said "buttfunny". Gosh, I'm bored. . .You look bored. . .I am bored. (What movie is that from?? Anyone???)

Christina said...

Hi, before you ask "who is this girl" I'm Christina, I work with Jo.
The quote is from Oceans 11. I will admit I knew it was from a movie with good looking men but I had to chew on it for awhile.
The main purpose of my comment is that today on the morning news in St. Louis they were talking smack about Clay's hair and someone said he looks like a cross between KD Lang and Pee Wee Herman. I about peed myself and knew I had to share it with you all.

Sars said...

Very good, Christina!! I'm glad someone knew what I was rambling about. Thanks for sharing.