Wednesday, May 24, 2006

12 days without a post but I'm back now

Ladies (and gentlemen, if there are any of you out there reading this), so sorry for my unexplained hiatus from the blog. I really have no excuse. But I also haven't really had anything to blog about. Even now, I have no interesting updates on my life (which the concerned parties haven't received by e-mail already) or inspiration for clever posts like the previous poster's thoughts on butter.

I learned a new made up word yesterday. Narcissurfing. Googling yourself to see where, when, and how many times your name comes up. Johanna is a slightly unusual first name, but my last name is obviously very common so there are actually many people with whom I share a name. Today's Google matches for me: one of last season's St. Louis Symphony programs, a caption from a newspaper picture from a hula event (this one came up a few times), a mention on Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching blog, Bicycling magazine's Biketown forum, a high school journalism award from 1995, a fall 2003 West Suburban Choral Union program, my 10-year high school reunion website, the family tree that I uploaded to Rootsweb, and my own websites (personal and hula).


kel said...

Well, I admit, all posts can not have the seriousness and emotional depth that my post about butter did, but it's nice just to hear from you.

mitsi said...

You know, I may be a slightly chronic narcissurfer (I learned the word the same day... thanks or whatever). I tend to Google myself perhaps more than the average bear... whenever I feel the need to Google someone else [no, I'm not a stalker, I just like to be informed], I Google (or Yahoo!, as is my defauly search engine) myself as well. Apparently, one can purchase a pair of Mitsis as it is some sort of engine mechanism. That's right, my name is Mitsi and I'm a narcissurfer.

kel said...

Are the number of sites the measure of a person? I only have two! One from my school faculty list and one from a race I ran five years ago. Does this mean I need to get a life? I mean I just googled Clay Aiken's hair and I got 16 million hits.