Thursday, June 15, 2006

Catching up again

I'm sorry, I'm not a very good blog participant. I was catching up tonight (it's been a little while), so I still have more to check out later. But a couple of important things. I don't know if someone addressed this already, but there was a former blog that referred to the show near Hang Time. Could it be...
C-I-T-Y, U can see why
these guys, etc.
City Guys! I was excited to remember that it was probably it.

Another fantastic memory...I was listening to the radio today, and an old gem came up that was pretty obscure. Recall with me if you will a certain Aerosmith concert (senior year, I'm guessing). There was a little band called Monster Magnet that opened up for them who we had never heard of and most likely haven't heard again. The one song that stood out to me was the guy saying something which I don't remember, so I'll insert the word "Blah."
Blah, blah, mother-f***er.
And that's what I remember of Monster Magnet. Anyway, today while I was driving for work, that song came on the radio. I was so impressed with myself that I recognized it as being the band Monster Magnet from the Aerosmith concert. I was thrilled when the DJ announced that it was in fact them at the end! That I can remember, but ask me any basic questions about history and I'd probably draw a blank. Take care, all.

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Sars said...

Katja, it is so good to hear from you. It does concern me, though, that you have what seems to be a stalker-like memorty. I can't believe you remembered City Guys on the first try. I had to google it. What concerns me about your memory is that I'm pretty sure there are things I did while I was your roomate that I feel noone should remember!:) You remember Magnet for crying out loud!