Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Goodbye to the Little Mavericks

I just would like to say goodbye to the Mavs as they head home for the summer after an excruciating Game 6 NBA Finals loss to the Miami Heat. I want to thank the Mavs for an exceptional season and a thrilling playoff run. Thanks for the memories.

But I would like to ask: Where did we go wrong? David and I had our Mavs gear on, we were sitting in our proper places on the couch. We even went so far as to paint a little blue "M" on Sophie's tummy with bath finger paints. I guess our contribution to the collective karma was not enough to put them over the edge.

Ah, well, it was worth every heart-pounding, nail-biting second. And I'll be right here, ready and waiting, next November to do it again.


kel said...

Sometimes I think that rooting must be done in reverse. For instance, I got it in my head that if I voted for an American Idol contestant, they would get kicked off that week. So I would carefully NOT vote for my favorties. Now logically I should have voted for those I wanted off, but that was too much work, plus I'm not stupid. So if this logic holds true, I would not have done any rooting for the Mavs. No hats, clothing paraphernalia, no cute little kids. The game wouldn't be as fun but at least I wouldn't have the crushing guilt for causing my team/idol to lose.

mitsi said...

So brutal... one has to go get all involved in loving sports and their teams go and lose on them. It's hard being a boy, uh, I mean.... nothing.