Monday, June 12, 2006

I Thought We Were Having a Conference Call Tonight

We had the best pie tonight. If dark chocolate, fresh raspberries, crushed almonds, chocolate morsels smothered in freshly whipped cream, sounds good to you, then you missed out. If you like that sort of thing. Sarah, the "Master Baker" (sounds dirty doesn't it?) whipped up this delightful concoction for a grand occasion this evening. That occasion was of course the presence of a fabulous guest from afar, namely me! We have attached a picture of said dessert so you all can vicariously enjoy it.

So Sarah and I are writing this post together. We are on the ultra mini BFW, but since it's not technically a weekend, we can rename it the ultra mini big fun Tuesday. Jealous aren't you?

Speaking of jealous, don't you wish you looked this good in a bathing suit?

Jo, have such a fun time in Hawaii. We will truly miss you, and will keep you abreast (he he) of all important developments, like if we find any stray toe hairs, and the like.

For all of our other avid readers, should you actually exist, stay tuned for other riveting posts such as "How Cute is my Kid?" and "Kelly's 4,000 France Pictures" You'll be begging Jo to come back.

Aloha (the goodbye kind) and a hui hou aku (whatever that means, we think it means goodbye).

1 comment:

Mrs.Robinson said...

I want two things.

1. A piece of that pie. Sweet fancy Moses that looks good.

2. Kelly to come back to Tucson.

If #2 could also involve #1, I'd be ok with that.