Friday, July 21, 2006

45 is the New 90

45 is the new 90, as in "pink is the new black." But in this case I'm talking about minutes. And apparently my very trendy daughter has been watching too much E! NewsBaby. In an attempt to keep up with and/or set trends for her contemporaries Sean Preston (1 day older) and Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel Klum (3 days older) she seems to have decided to cut both her morning and afternoon naps from 90 minutes to 45. I had no idea how much we depend on those two chunks of time for our daily functioning. I mean, nap time for Sophie is blog-shower-eat-clean-work-read-sit-for-a-minute time for Mommy. And with 45 minute naps I've only just barely had time to use the bathroom and check my email and she's up again. And she depends on those naps for her functioning, too, but doesn't seem to understand the rationale even though I tried to explain it to her. "If you only take a short nap, you'll still be tired and cranky, so stay asleep a little bit longer. . ." But I can't complain too much because I did manage to sneak in a short snuggle-nap this evening, and those are the best. But this abbreviated napping is going to have to be nipped in the bud. I guess I'll have to cancel her subscription to BabyPeople and take away her blackberry. No older men for her (especially none from the Federline gene pool.) Sean Preston and Henry eat your hearts out!

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kel said...

Take heart, I never napped as a baby or child and look how I turned out! Hmm, perhaps that's not the most comforting thought. But good call on not giving Soph a weird name- Henry is a little old fashioned and don't get me started on Gwenyth's kids- Moses? (even as a good Christian mom that's not good) Apple?? Also, unlike Britney, Heidi etc, you can leave the house without throngs of paparazzi snapping your pictures. So life could be worse.