Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I teach my students the term scatological humor (basically anything adolescent boys find funny in an Adam Sandler movie). I learned this from a professor when we read Don Quixote so it made me feel all literary-ish. I think it makes my students feel smart too.

Apparently we are not the only ones interested in this topic. I found that there is an annual World Toilet Summit (in Moscow this year, just in case you're planning to attend) as well as a World Toilet Day (March 22, mark it on your calendars- perhaps we can organize a simultaneous flush or something). There is even a World Toilet Organization. Apparently all of these people (even the United Nations who made the World Toilet Day an official "day") take toilets very seriously. So seriously, that there is a museum dedicated to toilets (sadly, it is in India so a tour of the museum and a trip to the World Toilet Summit in Russia would be difficult and might cut into the cruise fund). But, I suppose a life without toilets wouldn't be that fun.

Something else I learned from my students is that the toilet was invented by a man with the last name Crapper. Ironically, the term "crap" pre-dated his invention. I guess it was his destiny to invent the toilet. [According to several sources, he didn't actually invent the toilet, but some of the plumbing- but I think that's close enough].

One last thought, the toilet paper in some of the public restrooms in France was pink. I think that we should have more interesting and colorful toilet paper in America. Maybe some patriotic toilet paper, a nice floral, some with famous quotations....

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