Monday, July 17, 2006

Self- Improvement

Every once in a while the spirit of self-improvement descends upon me. Often it means I start running again, paint something, start a craft project, read some smarty pants books, or start writing letters. But I don't often keep up with things because I realize I don't like running, every single surface in my house has been painted, who needs more needlepoint pillows, I still haven't gotten past page 60 of Guns, Germs and Steel, and who really wants a letter from me? So last night the spirit descended again. Maybe it was because it was my birthday and I realized I only had 365 days until 30 (4, 010 until my 40th), who knows.

My mania for improvement was rather bizarre last night. I decided I must memorize the US presidents in order. I'm not sure how I chose it, maybe it was something about being an American, or being an educated person. If I'm ever on Jay Walking I don't want to embarass myself (of course, I suspect if you know the answer then they don't show you on The Tonight Show). But for whatever reason, that's what I chose. I'm up to 18. Some people run marathons, I memorize.

If for some weird reason you decide you want to join me, here's the list. It also has other useful presidential lists you can memorize, such as nicknames, pets and heights (not surprisingly, Lincoln is the tallest at an impressive 6' 3 3/4", the shortest is James Madison at the shocking 5'3 3/4").

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Sars said...

I, too, have been bitten by the self-improvement bug more than once in my life. That explains why I have an entire closet filled with unfinished cross-stitch patterns, yarn, half-sewn fabric, stamps, stencils, paper, silk flowers. Too bad I don't actually like to do crafts.

I think my current self-improvement project will be to toughen up the callouses on my rear by watching as much tv as possible in one sitting. What do you think?