Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Story Time!

I'd like to tell a story. Notice, names have been changed to protect the guilty. Once upon a time all the senior education majors from a small midwestern Christian college went to a camp in Wisconsin that we'll call Sugar Stone for a week long course on such serious topics as Philosophy of Education. We talked about Neil Postman and Parker Palmer and read "The Abolition of Man" which some of us still don't understand. After all that brain drain some of the professors decided we needed a little fun. As we were a good group of good Christian kids (not to mention we were education majors- some of us were already wearing our jean jumpers and apple earrings!) we decided to forgo the more Bacchanalian pursuits in favor of a Talent Show.

Now a talent show is a common occurrence. Most of us can't recall more than a single talent at one of these events a week later. But something happened at that talent show that we haven't forgotten, even though it is 71/2 years later. Something so big.... so scary... so delightful... truly, the world has never been the same.

Dr. Takens decided that the best way to truly let her light shine would be to lip synch to the song "Stand By Your Man." But, she was lacking three crucial ingredients for success. One was back up singers. She found three able minded people- you may even recognize one of them (you can tell she is unhappy by her subtle gestures) to back her up. The other two ingredients our fair professor found in the kitchen in the form of grapefruits. Maybe you can tell what happened to them. Thus, the spectacle was born, and life would never be the same. Thank the good Lord for cameras.

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Sars said...

I'm kind of bummed that the very attractive backup singer didn't get a pseudonym. It's a wonder that blackmail material like this exists in the world, good thing the people in the photo are strangers and that this photo would not embarrass anyone we know.