Saturday, August 19, 2006

Catching Up

To our reader (Ms. Monkey), so sorry to disappoint you with our infrequent postings. I should be forgiven for one week of my three-week absence as I was in Florida with no cell phone and no computer, which was wonderful. I can honestly say that I hardly missed them. The only bad thing about the trip was my sunburn. (The scabs on my shoulder are finally healing.) I had a great tan before I went to Hawaii which got even deeper while I was there. However, since I've been back it had faded quite a bit. Still, the first full day on the beach in Florida, I insisted to everyone that I don't burn and proceeded to use tanning oil instead of sunscreen. By Monday, my lips looked like Angelina Jolie. Good times. It was pretty amazing how everything worked out for me to go on this trip. I easily found people to take my hours at Borders (thank you Lauren, Kevin, & Lacey), I had a sloooow week at Sara Lee so it was a good time to get away, choir practice was cancelled, and some of my hula classes were cancelled. The last little hurdle was finding a pianist to take my place at church on Sunday and we found one literally 6 hours before I had to be packed and in the truck. (Thank you, Chad & Courtney!)

Highlights of the trip:

  • Not having any cell phone reception, at all, not even roaming.
  • Seeing dolphins so many times it almost became commonplace (but not quite). Other sightings (not all by me): manatees, sharks, sea turtles, crabs, and lots of beautiful fish.
  • Having gorgeous weather every single day.
  • Eating lots of amazing seafood.
  • Finally getting to watch High School Musical.
  • Having lots of time to read (I finished Chasing Vermeer and Les Miserables (the Adapted for Today’s Readers version – thank you, Kelly! – but just for the record I have read the unabridged version).
  • Brazilian coffee.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Playing Pass The Pigs.
  • Hanging out with the delightful and fun and welcoming Iwaszkowiec family.
  • Others that are IFTB.

Just as I was getting back from Florida, my cousin Sarah came to visit from there. She was brave enough to come out with the Borders crowd Wednesday night after work.

This week has been crazy with last minute preparations for our annual hula recital, which is tonight. A full report (and an invitation to pictures) will follow, but here is something from the dress rehearsal last night.

Other miscellaneous things: Kelly, I added that special song to my MySpace. Let me know if you can't listen to it there. Ray LaMontagne's new CD comes out next week. His first one, Trouble, is terrific. Sarah, I know you are busy, but I just wanted to remind you that we are still waiting on the results from the Top 10 Chick Flicks survey.


kel said...

Very cute pics. Your hair is so long! Unfortunately you did nothing to relieve my fears of your eminent skin cancer patient status. Tanning oil???? The stuff should be illegal! You're probably going to tell me next that you rode a motorcycle without a helmet or took hot stuff out of the oven without oven mitts.

I read Chasing Vermeer also. Kind of cute but unsatisfying ending, I thought. I just finished Freakanomics and I'm totally obsessed.

Glad you're back. I'm looking forward to getting caught up with the IFTB items.

Jo said...

I got Chasing Vermeer for $2 at work and I just checked out The Wright 3. I like them partly because of the setting (Hyde Park in Chicago). I didn't find Vermeer to be the most exciting book ever, but I wouldn't say unsatisfying. I was annoyed that while on the beach I had to rummage around to try to find a pen so I could decode Tommy's letters. Jon's sister is going to borrow it (she works in the kids section a lot at B&N) so I wrote out the letters in the back of the book for her.