Saturday, September 23, 2006


My mom has a new pet - a praying mantis that crawled out of the bag of apples that she brought home from the grocery store last week. After counting the divisions on her body, it was determined that she was a girl so my mom named her Naomi. Why Naomi? Because it is a biblical name and she is a "praying" mantis. That's classic Patty for you. Yes, that is my hand in the picture. I am not an equal opportunity bug-hater. Spiders and roaches: bad. Large green insects with cute eyes: good.

Miscellaneous Thoughts/Comments/Questions

1. What happened to Project Runway the other night? I'm hooked after only seeing 2 episodes, but I don't know the routine yet. Why wasn't it on Wednesday? When is the next episode? Vincent was crazy - it was probably time for him to go. I'm a fan of Michael and Laura.
2. Cruise countdown: 191 days!
3. On the list of the top 100 customers at my store, I am number 36. I am both proud and ashamed.
4. I am now in the last 6 months of my 20s. Which is okay. I find that I keep rounding up to 30 anyway. I'm ready.
5. Here's another accolade for the great state of Missouri: In a study by GMAC Insurance, out of 51 states (the list included Washington, D.C.) we rank 14th on the worst drivers list. Arizona is 23 and Texas is 28. Not a good combination when you consider our rankings on the meanest and drunkest cities lists.


Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. I hope you all have your Powerball tickets. Tonight's jackpot is $203 million. I don't normally play but the other day, my coworker and I went to the Chinese buffet for lunch and decided to play the numbers on the back of our fortunes. We each bought a quick pick ticket also. Sometimes it is fun to play the "what would you do if you win the powerball" game. Jon's sister likes to ask variations of that question. Last night at dinner she asked what my dream house would be like. I had no idea, but apparently Jon used to want a ball pit, which is quite a fun idea if you ask me. Anyway, here's a partial listing of what I'd do if I won: I'd buy a new computer, a gently used SUV, a piano, and a condo. I'd also consider buying a condo in Chicago and a beachy locale. I'd take my friends on vacation. I'd pay off my parent's house and fix up my grandparents' condo once and for all (including ridding it of the infestation). I'd support certain missionary friends a bit more than I do and give to my church. I'd go to Ghana for Chrissy's wedding. I'd think of something spectacular to do in honor of Robbie & Jenni's wedding. I'd quit my day job, but I'd keep the bookstore. This is just a start. What would you do?


kel said...

A personal assistant. A hair stylist who came every morning. My own jet and pilot so I could visit friends all the time. I'd keep my job, my house and my car, so I must be fairly content.

Sars said...

After taxes and establishing the Sarah Soule Skool for Kids Who Can't Read Good, I would finish paying our alma mater, pay off my house, get a sweet 2007 minivan for myself and a truck for David. Put a chunk aside so my kids don't have to pay their college bills 7 years after the fact. . . I'd love to take my whole family on a cruise and build a giant family/friend compound in Colorado or something. I can't exactly quit my day job, although I'd be all about the Merry Maids!

Chrischona said...

I'm honored to have made into the "what would you do if you win the powerball" game list. Too bad, thanks to our dear Mr. Bennett, there isn't going to be a wedding in Ghana. And thanks to Jo for making me cry about it again... at least this time I didn't have to run away from regulars at Julius Meinl who just came in for an innocent cup of coffee and asked the wrong question, "So, any news about Ghana?" (same question they've been asking for a month!) before the tears started dropping.
What would I do? A plane ticket to Africa for me and anyone else who wanted to come (a few weeks later). Toilets and running water for Kodjo's family (or the whole village)... maybe even a whole irrigation system for the crops. Send Kodjo and myself to school. The house next door to me that's being rehabbed and will be sold for a heft chunk of change. Retirement money for my parents, when they ever got to the point (they've spent all their money on us kids instead of saving for retirement. And even now they're offering to help me out to go to Africa (and I have some retirement already stocked up... just can't touch it for another 35+ years). But right now I'd give up all that powerball money in exchange for one kiss from's easy to write cheesy kitsch when you are just playing "what if".