Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mean Drunks

There are two new city rankings lists out right now - the Angriest and Drunkest cities in America. Keep reading to determine if your city is a source of pride or shame.

Angriest (from MSN/Men's Health):
10. St. Louis
11. Chicago
16. Dallas
17. Houston
18. Tucson
29. Fort Worth
64. Honolulu
69. Milwaukee
76. Hartford

Drunkest (from Forbes):
1. Milwaukee
6. Chicago
11. St. Louis
18. Houston
27. Dallas-Fort Worth

So apparently, Milwaukee has the happiest drunks, Chicago not so much. You can just look to Wrigley Field for cause and effect on that one. I'm not exactly sure how to explain St. Louis. Maybe it's some secret ingredient A-B puts in their adult beverages? Sarah & Kristy, what do you have to say for your cities?


Megan said...


Sent an email to your email address starting with up - do you still check that one? If not, I don't have a current email address. :(

Great news about Chicago - definitely something to be proud about! I hope the big meanies don't live near U of C!

kel said...

I think we just get angry because it is so hot. If you were subjected to 117 days in a row of over 100 degrees you'd be angry too.

Sars said...

On behalf of my fair city I would like to express my outrage regarding the "lists" posted above. Lies, all lies. Fort Worth is a simple town. We have no need for such terms as "road rage" and other big-cityisms. We are a relaxed and peaceful community. Secondly, we do NOT appreciate being lumped together with Dallas. Of course those people over in Dallas are heavy drinkers; with their traffic you'd have to be. But here in Cowtown we like to sit back and enjoy a frosty beverage after a long day of herding cattle on the trail, but who doesn't? Anyone who still feels the need to defame my fine city should come down here and see for themselves what a kind, un-drunk sort of place we are.