Friday, September 08, 2006

Natural Beauty

I think I am going to become an expert in "natural beauty products." No, I haven't gone organic or granola or anything (although I do still wear my Birkenstocks from time to time). No, I have become a believer due to circumstances.

It all started with my face. There has been an alarming trend in the last two weeks. I currently have more zits on my face than all of my high school years combined. I am currently sporting at least 3 1/2 beauties. Now that may not seem like a lot to you, but I do need to add this important detail. When you are as fair as I am (side note: I recently looked at Loreal Tru Match makeup and out of 24 shades, I was the very most pale one- I ask you, what about the poor albinos?) zits linger. For a long time. I will have a red mark for literally years. I can show you the site of the zit I had when I was 25. Yeah, it's bad. So all the zitiness has lead me to some dire actions. I don't have zit cream (because I'm almost 30!!!!) and don't want to buy any because I tend to have an allergic reaction anyway, so the other day I tried toothpaste. I seemed to remember reading somewhere that toothpaste will dry the zits out. Jury is still out on that one, but I am totally willing to have a minty fresh face if it clears me up.

So this leads me to my next dilemma. I am going to Dallas next weekend for a bigfunweekend (also known as Sophie's birthday bash) and must carry on my luggage since I am going standby. What with increased rules as to carry on luggage, I will be forced to leave behind many essential toiletries: lip gloss, shampoo, conditioner... you fill in the rest. This will hurt. Of course I'm sure I will overcompensate by bringing too many pairs of shoes. So since I can not bring my products, I will have to create my own. I am planning to use those suggestions I have read in every magazine since I was in junior high - "How to Make Beauty Products in Your Own Kitchen". I will finally try mayonnaise in my hair and olive oil on my skin and mashed bananas and oatmeal as a facial scrub. I've heard beer and honey can be useful too. So I'll experiment in Sarah's kitchen. Of course I could just use all of her products or visit the local Walgreens, but that's not nearly as fun. Any suggestions?

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Sars said...

Kel, Sophie will be happy to share her organic yogurt with you; that's what she uses in her hair. She finds it has a nice hold without being too sticky (unlike rice cereal, which also leaves chunks in the hair). She also recommends her signature spaghetti face mask, which really hides imperfections in the skin. And she will gladly allow you to use her perfume, which she gets straight from the toilet bowl. You'll be a vision of beauty and radiance if you follow her routine.