Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stunna Shades

The weather here in St. Louis has been decidedly autumnal lately, at least for a tropics lover such as myself. It's been gloomy and drizzly and even almost chilly at night, and we haven't had a high over 90 degrees in almost 3 whole weeks. So, even though they are not needed with today's cloudy skies, I've decided to feature one of my favorite summertime accessories: sunglasses. I went around the house and gathered up all of the shades I could find. Six of the eight pictured below do belong to me. I really feel that it is a missed opportunity to wear anything but the most obnoxious pair one can find. I'm not alone in my thinking. Read more here. Sunglasses are such a versatile accessory, shielding the eye from harmful rays while outside and acting as a headband when inside. I heart sunglasses.

Featured here from left to right: Nine West gold circles, light green Polo with sparkles down the sides, pink Fossil sparkles, Liz Claiborne black on the outside and green on the inside, my mom's huge ginormous black sparkles, large brown squares from Target, small red rectangles, and my brother's insanely expensive Oakleys.

Oh, I've been meaning to tell you all that Forever In Blue, the final installment of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, is due out in January 2007.


kel said...

I too am a huge fan. Sadly, my favorite pair were broken recently (much like my last favorite pair were stolen). I shopped and could not find a replacement. So now I wear my gorgeous, obnoxiously huge sunglasses, attached with a paperclip. I also despise sunglasses at night and will add the wearing of sunglasses outdoors. I am very excited about The Pants IV.

Jo said...

Good call on not wearing sunglasses at night. Although with pairs as fabulous as these, it is tempting.

Sars said...

I hate to be a whiny baby, but I do not get to fully participate in this newest sunglass trend. I cannot, for the life of me, wear shades with plastic sides. They squeeze my head too tightly and I get a headache. So I am forever doomed to a very limited selection of shades. Not to mention the fact that most shades look way too big for my face anyway. Boo. I currently have 4 pair of sunglasses, all whose screws are coming loose and therefore don't stay on my face. It's a hard knock life. (We watched 'Annie' this weekend.) I am so jealous of your illustrious collection, Jo. Perhaps 'the sun will come out tomorrow' for me and I will find the perfect sunglasses.