Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Howl-o-ween!

FYI: Blogger has fixed its picture problem, yay!

For Halloween Sophie wore two costumes (not at the same time). She was a dog and a strawberry. She did not trick-or-treat, but we did go to our church's Halloween alternative where she pretty much just looked around and tried to take it all in. She kept pointing at and straining toward the bounce house there, but her mean mommy and daddy wouldn't let her crawl around amidst the flailing, flopping bodies of children five times her size. And she (thankfully) didn't really understand the whole purpose of the holiday (i.e., candy). Her only foray into the wonderful world of processed sugar was when I gave her a cherry-flavored DumDum while standing in line at Wolf Camera, which was a grave error in judgement on my part, as she became one giant puddle of sticky red drool. I have to admit, having my toddler drool all over herself and me as I attempted to pay for my purchases was rather funny, though.

Sophie as a dog:

While she was wearing her dog costume she kept going "Doggie" and then panting like a dog. Of course, once I asked her to say "Doggie" she suddenly lost all ability to comprehend and/or communicate. I understood her silence to mean "Mommy, I am not your puppet." Point taken.

Sophie as a Strawberry:

One more funny Sophie item: David is building a shed (read small house) in the backyard. He has an air compresser out there for his nail gun. Sophie and I go out there to watch him work sometimes. So now when she and I are inside, every time she hears the air compresser, she points outside and says "Daddy". There's a joke in there somewhere, I know it. . .


Megan said...

Very cute - I especially like the picture looking at the back of Sophie's costume.

kel said...

She is too cute. I guess I will never be able to eat a strawberry (or a dog, for that matter) again.