Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thanksgiving plans?

What will everyone be up to next week? Any travel plans for the holiday or any Black Friday shopping trips?


Sars said...

David, Sophie and I will be driving to Kansas City on Wednesday and returning on Sunday. There will be a lot of relatives there so I'm sure Sophie will be busy showing off! I doubt we'll be shopping. What about you, Meg?

Megan said...

We've got Todd's family here for 8 days - 10 of us in a tiny apartment! Hoping to do some Friday shopping, but it may not interest others. I love KC - such a neat downtown area! Hope you have fun.

kel said...

I'll be in town with the fam. I will be carefully avoding both the turkey and the pumpkin pie.

In my family the Black Friday shopper is my dad. He and a friend get up at 4 AM, plan their attack and get to different stores and get in these enormous long lines and call each other to tell the story of the $25 tv set that was taken by the lady in front of them and how they had to elbow a kid for the last digital camera. It's sick, but pretty funny.