Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I was quite lucky to score a ticket to last night's Blues game at which they retired Brett Hull's number. My friend Christina won a silent auction in which she got 4 box seats and she offered one to me, knowing I'm a hockey fan. The ceremony was really special - there were a couple dozen of Hull's former Blues teammates and coaches there, along with his three brothers, 3 kids, former wife and current wife (did anyone else think that was awkward?), mother and stepfather, and of course his father, the great Bobby Hull (who himself has a number retired with the Chicago Blackhawks). The best quote of the night was from Brett himself, "Unfortunately, I wasn't able to retire here, but I can tell you heart never left."

I think there was a hockey game after that, although I stopped paying attention after the Blues were down 3-0 after the first period and didn't have a shot on goal in the first 11 1/2 minutes. (They went on to lose 5-1.) I didn't really expect the Blues to beat the Red Wings last night, but considering what was being celebrated it was an embarrassing showing, even for the worst team in the league. Was that their way of sticking it to Brett for going off and winning a Cup with Detroit? It felt more like they were sticking it to the fans. I have to admit that I even pulled a classic Chicago-Blackhawks-fan move by booing my own team at one point. Interestingly, Detroit's goalie last night, Dominik Hasek, was also on the Stanley-cup winning Detroit team with Hull in 2002. And in 1999, Hull scored a controversial Cup-winning goal against him as a member of the Dallas Stars. I usually feel a bit of a rush to hear the goal horn but last night when we finally scored that one single goal late in the 3rd period it was almost comical. Still, all in all it was a fun night at the Kiel/Savvis/Scottrade Center with Christina, Terry, and Stu.

More fun tomorrow night. Jon and I are going to the Ray LaMontagne concert. Here is what GQ had to say about him earlier this year.

The Seduction of A Ray LaMontagne Show
Grab her hand and lead her straight to the front of a packed, sweaty crowd. Ray LaMontagne, a bearded carpenter turned singer, just stands in one spot all night and strums his guitar. There's no light show, no flashy costumes, no drums. Just the man's voice. It's so slow and seductive, you're half waiting for the fans around you to start grabbing one another and making out. If she doesn't want to drag you to the coat check or into the bathroom at some point during the show, then put your hand on her chest and make sure she still has a beating heart. - "Where To Take Her 2006," GQ magazine, April 2006 issue

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