Monday, December 04, 2006

Bread Machine - Or - The Undomestic Goddess Becomes Domestic?

I've been debating getting a bread machine for a few years now - that's what happens when you marry into a family where homemade bread is preferred over store bought bread I guess. Everyone else has bread machines or makes the dough on their own (can you believe my bil Gregg is a pro at that? Who knew?) and for once I have a kitchen large enough to fit one in. We end up going through so much bread each week (Lijah could eat a whole loaf in one sitting if you let him) that I figure it should pay for itself. Anyway, I just got one for Christmas! Now I have to wait for Amazon to send it, and by this weekend I should be making yummy sticky buns - I've gained about 5 pounds just thinking about it!!

BTW, for any of you still reading, do you own a stand mixer? If so, what do you think of yours?

Also, no, I don't think of myself as a goddess, the title was a reference to a book by one of my favorite chick lit authors, Sophie Kinsella. If I start reading one of her books, you won't see me again until I've finished it. Same with Katie Fforde. Love them.


Mrs.Robinson said...

I have a stand mixer- a Kitchen Aid, which I think is the gold standard of mixers. I love mine. The only complaint I have is that mine is boring old white and I wish it was pink. Other wise I love it.

Sars said...

I have the cobalt blue Kitchen Aid. I got it for Christmas last year. I would have gotten pink if it would have matched my kitchen, but the blue makes me pretty happy. And although you can't believe their "you-don't-need-a-spatula" hype, egg-whites and whipped cream are soooo easy now. I have the matching blender, too. But my dad went to get me the food processor this year and they don't make anything in cobalt anymore, so I settled for chrome. Anyway, it's a great investment. I should be getting paid by KitchenAid after all that.

kel said...

I want a kitchen aide. It's about the last bigger ticket item I haven't just sucked up and bought myself (my mom got me a cuisinart food processor last Christmas). Everyone says they're great. I'll probably get the white one, because I like to be bland :)

I like Sophie Kinsella too. I'll have to try Katie Fforde. Is there a good one to start with?

Megan said...

Glad to hear everyone likes their Kitchen Aids!

Kel, I actually have a list of the books I've read (only three so far), and may favorites are Restoring Grace and Highland Fling.