Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas in STL

We had a very nice Christmas here in St. Louis. I got a new coat, a sewing machine (see below), a sewing book, the Mitford cookbook, 2 jars of Rare White Hawaiian Honey, lots of socks for my perpetually cold feet, lots of good smelling things from Gap and Bath & Body Works (including the hard to find Om), gift cards, super cute mittens and matching scarf that I would have thought Shannon made herself except for the tag, and many other surprising/fun/generous odds and ends.

Christmas Eve was a little crazy with church, last minute Christmas shopping, church again, last minute present wrapping, and then unwrapping with my parents. My mom made all sorts of yummy things to eat but she somewhat overestimated our appetites, even if we were completely ravenous at that point. We did have our customary Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls. Ooo, they are so good and while I could surely buy them anytime, I feel like I should keep them sacred to Christmas. I spent Christmas Day with Jon's family. It was very nice and so relaxing, which was really a present in itself. We did gifts first, then a big meal in the afternoon, and then all evening we just hung out, played games, and visited with friends.

Happy birthday, Jenni! Happy birthday, Carlos! Congrats on your iPod, Kelly! Rachel H., if you are reading this, I'm waiting with bated breath for news of the arrival of Lorelai.

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