Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post Christmas Post

I thought I'd write a Jo-style post full of details and links to all the exciting things going on in my life. But then as I sat down to write this exciting post, I realized that nothing very exciting is going on. So I will write down about the mundane things going on right now:

It snowed today in Arizona. I saw it with my very own eyes. If you don't believe me, here's the view from my parents' back yard today.

In fact, they are even issuing a "snow advisory" tonight. I'm sure that means just on the mountains, but... It almost makes me wish we had school tomorrow with the hopes that we might actually have a snow day. But that sorts of defeats the purpose because I already have the day off.

My New Toy

If I had kids, they would totally be orphans. For the last two and a half days I have done nothing but load music on to my new iPod and I'm only about half done. You might be thinking to yourself, Kelly doesn't listen to music that much. Isn't she the girl who hasn't bought a CD since 2004? Why would she spend hours upon hours obsessively loading her iPod? Never underestimate the power, the lure even, of obsessive organization. I have been googling lyrics, finding out exact song titles and album names until my neck is cricked and my eyes are squinting. I am a play-listing fool. It's absolutely ridiculous. (FYI I did have to purchase from iTunes a certain version of "Baby Got Back").

The Holiday

Saw this when I wasn't agonizing over the iPod. This is absolutely everything a good chick flick should be. I knew it would be my kind of movie when the trailers included movies starring two of my faves: Lauren Graham and Hugh Grant (sadly though, not together). So this particular movie has everything this girl could want: British accents, Christmas scenes, some good songs, nicely decorated homes, "fiesty" women... and did I mention...

And in one scene it was my absolute fantasy. Jude Law in bed... editing. I thought I might have a heart attack right there in the theater. See it. It is pure escapism. The male characters are so completely unrealistic and act as every woman wishes every man would. I love movies.

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Sars said...

I totally fear the ipod, for the exact reasons you mentioned. I think owning one would send the obsessive "I-know-I'm-missing-something" side of me into hyperdrive.

Oh yeah, and Jude Law is yucky. (I didn't think that until I accidentally saw "Alfie". . . Not a comedy, people. Stupid false advertising. Now he's totally ruined for me.)