Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I absolutely love Christmas because I really, really like presents. They don't have to be big or fancy, I just like to get presents. And I know that the real reason I like Christmas is because of Jesus and then because of my family and friends, but I still really like presents. This list is for the trivial presents only. My gratefulness for family, friends and Jesus should be understood. I get paid in hugs and tipped in kisses for crying out loud, what better present is there?? So here are some of my favorite presents of 2006 in no particular order.

1. Mint nonpareils. Also known (by me at least) as chinese hats. Mmmmm. . .

2. Gap giftcards. The only store where the best jeans for me are called "Long and Lean." Ironic, isn't it?

3. My new kitchenaid food processor. Thanks, Dad and Pam.

4. My amazing new "Gravity Lock" salad tongs. To open them, you point them downward. To close them, you point them upward. I may not understand how they work, but they are darn convenient.

5. My giant new trash can. I asked for a trash can for Christmas because my husband builds these really nice ones out of wood. So now I have my nice trash can, although it is a bit on the huge side. He may have to cut it down a little so it will fit in the kitchen. I think he made it so big so he won't ever have to empty the trash again. And maybe so that if someone is after me I can hide in there. Who knows.

On a side note, I am also grateful that my phone, which somehow found its way into a semi-full bathtub last night (thanks, Soph), has made a full recovery. That was a close one.


Kelly said...

Love the trash can. So jealous of the handy husband!

kel said...

I totally have seen those tongs. They are very high on the snobby factor. Now you can look down upon anyone who can't figure out how to use your tongs as a hopeless moron. I must have them!

spaghettipie said...

what fun things! and I am so glad that your phone made a recovery...otherwise whatever would I do? Happy New Year.