Sunday, January 21, 2007

Access Still Denied and Other Ramblings

As the clever will figure out from my heading, my access is still denied. I did find a back door of sorts, so I can at least read posts now, but I can't comment or post from work. But I guess that's better than nothing.

So after a discussion with a student of mine who owns only one skirt and no purses, I started thinking about how people change over time. I was pretty much the same way in high school. I wore a skirt a grand total of once all through high school and all the way through college I didn't have a purse (anyone remember my little red wallet?). Who would have thought that I would own a closet full of purses, these shoes and have painted my bathroom the color of bubblegum? I even wear skirts more than pants these days. Who knew?
So in other news, I've been invited to chaperone the school ski trip. It sounds pretty fun, but I was a terrible skier last time I tried, and of course I have to buy a cute outfit. I can't imagine that ski pants are that flattering. But if I can look even half as cute as Sophie does in her snow gear, I'm in good shape.
Jo, I am very excited for you two (for both the hot chocolate and the upcoming wedding). Your new long name (18 letters, 27 with middle name if I'm correct- you've got me by a mile, I'm only at 15 or 21) makes me quite pleased.

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Jo said...

Yes, you've correctly added up the letters in my name. It is excessive and it all has to be spelled.

I love these shoes. I've been tempted to buy them ever since you did when we were in Texas and especially now that I've seen them on several other random people around town.