Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow Again

I lied last time I said it snowed. Tonight it REALLY snowed. As long as I've been here, it's never snowed like this. Here's the proof (and apologies, there's nothing nearly as cute as Sophie here):

Monday note:

This is a first. We have a SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!


Jo said...

A snow day?!?!? In TUCSON?!?!? Congratulations! ;-)

We got some snow too, in fact it looks like a similar amount, but no snow day for us. Maybe that's because everyone here was just excited it wasn't ice like last week. I'll try to take some pictures of what the trees look like after that storm.

Sars said...

Holy Snow, Batman!!

I wouldn't have believed it was AZ except for the frozen orange tree, which looks very sad, by the way. Will the oranges survive?

kel said...

The fruit will probably not survive. Fortunately we ate most of the oranges and tangelos (which ironically do not have anything to do with tangerines) and mostly lemons and grapefruit were left, which I don't care for. California's citrus crop was apparently hit pretty hard though, so expect higher prices. I don't know why they didn't just think of doing the whole butterfly wing and fire in the trash can concept that they did in Walk in the Clouds. It looked good when Keanu did it.

Katie said...

Something is wrong with the world when Arizona has gotten more snow and snow days than Connecticut!! Eric is dying to use our new snow blower but hasn't been able to yet! Cute pictures, Kel!