Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hodge Podge

Spring is here with a vengeance, to the delight of some (me!) and the chagrin of others (Jon). The trees are green, allergies are acting up, and there's roadkill everywhere. It's wonderful.


There’s a lot of big news in books today. First, the cover…

Next, Oprah announced her new Book Club title yesterday – Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Sounds like another depressing one. Girls, cruise reading, perhaps?

There was a major release in the world of children’s picture books this week.
Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy, by Jane O’Connor (author) and Robin Preiss Glasser (illustrator), made its debut on Tuesday. I wore a pink boa and tiara to the bookstore last night for the occasion and probably will again on Saturday. I don't think it really helps sell the book - I just like to dress up at work. It's nice to have a job where I can wear a boa without it having anything to do with a pole. This is my friend Lauren in the picture with me - she's holding the new book and I've got the original. Yes, we are nerds.

Calling all readers, teachers, and especially Beverly Cleary/Ramona Quimby fans. April 12 is Drop Everything And Read (R.E.A.D.) Day! Not that the readers of this blog need an excuse to ignore other activities and responsibilities for the draw of a good book, but it is fun to have a day dedicated specifically to celebrating the joys of reading.

By the way, I did score a copy of Grace (Eventually), the new Anne Lamott, so once everyone is back from cruising, I'll start it around.


My favorite Neanderthals are getting their own
show. And I just discovered this fun site today:


Kelly, in response to your Idol comments, it seems my friend Damon’s wife Rachel has done a little research on this subject. Read her post called
“I’ve Figured It Out” from March 14.


Quick update. He is doing really well. He hasn't taken a pill in 2 days and he said that today was the first day in a month that he has actually felt somewhat healthy. He said he doesn't feel sick, just a little tired. He worked for a few hours yesterday and said it actually got easier as he went along. The doctor said that the fact that he is not in any pain is a really good sign and probably means the tumors are shrinking. They'll do further testing at the end of the chemo to find out for sure. So thank you for all of your prayers and all of the other ways you've been supporting us. He still has 2 more rounds of chemo to go through which will probably make him really sick like last week so please keep him in your thoughts. I can't tell you how good it was to talk to him on the phone just now and have him sound like his old self.

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