Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Big Fun Wedding In Hawaii Days 5 & 6

Sadly, this is our last update from Hawaii. We are sitting in the gate area at the Honolulu airport waiting to board our flight.

^ In the walkway outside our hotel, leading to Kalakaua Avenue and the beach.

^ Lunch today at Ono Hawaiian Foods. Front row: rice, kalua pork, pipikaula (Hawaiian beef jerky, oh so yummy). Second row: onions and lomi salmon (sort of like salsa with salmon). Third row: the only new item is the one on the far right. It's a coconut dessert called haupia. We also tried poi.

^ At Ono.

^ With another random dog friend, this one was on the pool deck at our hotel. I don't think his owners liked the fact that he seemed to like us so much.

^ Me in front of the Duke Kahanamoku statue.

^ Yummy snack right before we left for the airport. POG (passion fruit/orange/guava juice) and spam musubi (don't knock it until you try it - it's really pretty tasty).

^ At the Honolulu airport waiting to board our flight.


brother-in-law not living in STL said...

I think you guys should just move to Hawaii and have a blog full of fun pix. looking at such a beautiful place makes me happy.

also, welcome back to "reality". wish I could help celebrate...

kel said...

I'm glad, Jo, to see that marriage hasn't changed you. There is not one green thing in your meal.