Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Since I am certain that Jo can't post from the plane (although I wouldn't put it past her) I thought I'd share the posting load tonight. Yesterday I was doing some deep thinking. I know some of you have lofty thoughts of a spiritual, moral or political nature, but I am not afraid to admit that I was actually thinking about commercials. Three commercials in particular, because they annoy me so much.

#1 A commercial for Bounty paper towels. The narrator helpfully tells us that if you want to preserve your fancy hand towels from having someone actually use them (anyone else instantly think of Monica from Friends here?) you can thoughtfully fold up some paper towels (Bounty, of course) and place them on the sink for use. Then the narrator adds, (and I directly quote) "This thoughtful touch will show your commitment to luxury." In what universe is a paper towel considered luxurious? I'll admit, I'm cheap and I do think twice before using a paper towel (am I the only one?? Come on, admit it!) but even I know this is not luxury. I persona!lly don't mind when people use my hand towels because that is what they are for. I know, I'm crazy

#2 Starts with some girls sitting on a rooftop in a city. Suddenly the decrepit old wooden water tower behind them sprouts a leak (don't ask why). One of the girl leaps out of her seat and stops the water flow (she has Buffy-like reflexes). What does she use to stop this huge flow of water you ask? Yes, you guessed it, a feminine hygiene product stuck to her hand. I don't even know where to begin with this one.

#3 A commercial for "Age of Love" a new reality series (good thing they have new reality shows coming out because there are so few on television these days). The commercial itself isn't very impressive, but the concept of the show caught my attention. They "surprise" the bachelor with two types of women, twenty year olds and forty year olds. Anyone willing to bet on the forty year olds?? I think this, along with commercial #2, is very insulting to women (especially the poor 30 years olds who are totally left out). Especially since NBC is touting it as a "social experiment" that is supposed to give us an insight into the male mind when it comes to women's age, as if we didn't already know.

So when I'm not thinking about the commercials, my mind drifts to issues of more significance. Yes, again you're right- Ocean's 13. I saw it on Sunday, and let me tell ya, it did not disappoint. Not at all. A few suggestions for the creators (since I'm sure they are dying for my opinion):

There could have been a scoatch more Brad in it.

They could have incorporated a little more skin - why couldn't they have done some of their scheming around the pool? I would have been happy with even a bare arm (not even both arms, I'm not greedy).

Two things to observe if you haven't already seen it:

Brad is drinking some sort of beverage in practically every scene. He ate in every scene of Ocean's 11 and I'll have to watch 12 again to see if there's another compulsive habit in that one.

There are also some scenes that clearly display that Ellen Barkin has had some work done. You know what I mean.

On a final totally unrelated note of some actual significance, anyone not hear that Heather is having a second baby?

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Katie said...

I didn't hear about Heather's baby-that's great!!!!