Sunday, June 24, 2007

Congratulations, Chrissy & Koudjo!

Chrissy and Koudjo were married yesterday in Chicago at Uptown Baptist Church. Chrissy is a dear friend of the blog, and her own blog is linked on the right. She hasn't updated in a while (although once she gets back from her honeymoon, she doesn't have any excuse) but if you get a minute, go over and read about their relationship - it's an interesting story. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Chrissy & Kelly at the ladies' brunch the day before the wedding. Thank you to Julia and Mrs. Kennedy for hosting us! It was lovely.

Katharine and Eleanor Chrischona.

Jessica and Amber.

Front row: Jessica, Laura, Julia, Evelyn, and Johanna. Second row: Su, Harmony, Kelly, Chrissy, and Katharine.

Mark, Jessica, Bailey, Sam, and Amber.

Donovan entertaining Jon in the "box-cah."

I now pronounce you...

Me and Sam, the largest almost-six-month old I've ever seen. He is already as tall as his mom.

Jo, Amber, Chrissy, and Laura - 4 out of 5 members from the Sunnyside-Argyle-Magnolia Small Group. Jessica is the only one not pictured.

Chrissy & Nikki. Nikki got engaged herself while in Chicago for Chrissy's wedding. Best wishes!
Kelly, Chrissy, and Jo

African dancing at the reception. That's Julia, Katharine, Cliff, and Amber.

The happy couple - Koudjo and Chrissy

Kelly had a long weekend. The bottle said sparkling grape juice but I'm wondering if it was something a little stronger than that. And in a Baptist church.

Todd the Bod and Lilliana.

Me and my friends at The Greeks, otherwise known as Uptown Pizza & BBQ. If you're ever in Uptown, make sure to stop by and say hi to these guys and get a coffee shake, rib tips, and a slice of pizza.

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Katie said...

That looked like a fun wedding! There were a lot of cute pictures and children. I loved the picture of Eleanor Chrischona- she looks like a little doll. What a cutie!!!