Sunday, July 22, 2007

California Dreamin'

I'm having a great time in LA. Here are some quick highlights.

1) Saw Chris Pierce in concert. He has a great soul voice. You can hear some of his stuff on myspace. His song She's Trying to Kill Me is hilarious.

2) Saw the movie Once. It is a very simple, sweet movie. The music is AMAZING. You can even get a free download of my favorite song from the movie at this site. Warning: you might drive your household crazy with repeated listenings because it is totally addictive. This is the insane part (yes, this is a "country girl going to the big city" story) the movie ticket cost $14 and had ASSIGNED SEATS. Insane.

3)Ate pinkberry yogurt. Never had anything like it. Again, totally addictive. Their tag lines are "swirly goodness" and "chilly bliss." It even has its own theme song called (rather obviously I think) "The Pinkberry Song" by Lady Tigra.

4) Went to Grauman's Theater for the first time. Saw Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon's hand and footprints. So cool. Lots of characters around. I saw a Mad Eye Moody, several pirates, a seriel killer of some sort, a man with wings and 6 inch patent red platforms and a leather thong. I insulted Tom Cruise's handprint because it looked like he misspelled his own name and was chastised by a bystander because "he's actually a very intelligent man who has overcome many things, including dyslexia." Oops.

5) Tonight on tap is the Spazmatics. They are an 80's cover band and they dress up like the Revenge of the Nerds. I have even purchased an outfit for the evening. It includes gigantic pink hoop earrings.


Katie said...

Hey Kello, Heard the "Once" song and agree on the addictive quality. I looked it up and saw that Once isn't playing anywhere near me-looks like a great movie and I hope to get to see it soon!!

Jo said...

Jon's mom thought we should open a pinkberry franchise here. I'm not sure if St. Charles is ready for green tea yogurt, but maybe. But it doesn't matter anyway because Jon said no more life changes this year and I think opening our own business counts as a life change.