Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Post Potter Depression

Since getting at the LA airpot yesterday at 3:30, until 2:30 this afternoon I've done nothing but read, eat and sleep. (Reading on the plane in itself was an adventure, people kept wanting to talk to me about the book and were having loud conversations about it around me, not to mention the woman who was reading it ALOUD. I ended up getting in trouble with two different flight attendants because I was listening to my Ipod at the wrong times, but I was just trying to avoid all the spoilers!!)

But now it's done and I'm in a slump. I always do this when something I love finishes. I cried a lot when I finished the last Anne of Green Gables book (is that too nerdy to admit?). Graduations are hard for the same reason. I grew very attached to those HP books (although not to the extreme of the girl I read about in the paper who redecorated her room and her entire wardrobe in Slytherin colors). Now there are no new adventures and I will miss these characters. But all in all, I was quite satisfied with the ending. I actually was right about several things which of course pleased me tremendously. But there were still some good surprises.

Good thing I have two jobs starting and grad classes to attend to keep me busy!

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Megan said...

Liked the title - didn't notice the pun the first time... so sorry to hear about your flight.