Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Traveler

I've realized today that I have the uncanny ability to cancel shows. All I have to do is proclaim it is my new favorite show, and off the tv they go. My latest is The Traveler. Because it's on so late in Indy, I watched it online the next day. Imagine my horror this morning when there was new show to watch, and after some research on google, finding out that last week's cliffhanger episode was not only the season finale, but also the SERIES FINALE. I am now in mourning and am playing Zuma for hours to fill this void.

Here are a few other shows that I must've jinxed as being one of the few fans.

1. Less Than Perfect (at least this one was on for a few seasons, but I started watching it late in the game)
2. Married to the Kellys
3. John Doe


Sars said...

Meg, are you sure the series is over? David and I watched every episode. I looked some stuff up online and thought perhaps it would be back next spring/summer. Where did you read it was over? I'll be so disappointed. . .

Megan said...

The creator of The Traveler has a blog and said that it's on permanent hiatus, but if the fans rebel like the Jericho fans, maybe ABC will change it's mind. I'm glad to hear you two liked it also.