Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bug Bite Update

After several google searches, eight loads of laundry (did you know you could wash your pillows?), and one frantic trip to the dermatologist, we have (hopefully) determined that my bites aren't mosquito or bed bug (this is the one that greatly worried me) and are most likely chigger bites. At last count, there are over 100 bites on my body. I actually took pictures, but they are too gross for anyone to look at.

Reasons I Can't Move to the Mid-West

1) my hair (humidity)
2) bug bites

By the way, it's our favorite monkey's birthday today- happy birthday Wendy!! One more year of the twenties. Make 'em count!


Megan said...

Well, at least there's the consolation that everyone else probably has chigger bites as well. My legs are covered, and so are the boys' legs.

kkyle said...

This is actually reassurring...that we are all suffering together, and that we don't have some weird measles disease. Oy!