Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Allright already

Although I have certainly earned the ribbing I received over the weekend, I will do my best to rectify the situation. And the best way to get back on the bloggin' waggon is to resonate heartily with sweet Kell-Kell r.e. los mosquitos! Ay yi yi! Christa and I are lookin' baaaad in the biting department - and they're all bright red and itchy as all hell. My theory is this - normally, I'd swat the little buggers off, but the heat and adults only punch weakened my normally cat-like reflexes, thereby enabling the skeeters to feast their fill on my legs. It's not good!

It was truly wonderful to see you all again! I can't believe it's been so long since we've all been together...we must not let that happen again! Tucson, here we come!

Saw a puppy today that looked exactly like a tiny black bear cub....oooh, and then I met an 8 week old dashchund puppy who weighed about 1 pound. Even Kelly would have thought it was cute.

Love you all!

Almost forgot! You must check out the following websites:


kel said...

Good to hear from you Kris.

That Christa is a funny girl.

Cute overload caused even this frozen heart to melt, just a little.

Katie said...

I loved the cuteness and Christa's blog-loved the different versions of the thumbs up/thumbs down!!!