Sunday, August 05, 2007

Luau Debrief

As discussed at the Cracker Barrel (oh how I've missed you!!), many of us appreciate a good debrief after an event such as the luau. I am pretty tired right now, but I do have a few quick thoughts.

1) Jo made a beautiful "bride" (I know, I know, it was a party)
2) I love how much fun we have together, even when it's been awhile since we've seen one another.
3) I really like my friends' spouses. You've all chosen well.

4) You guys have really cute, nice kids.

5) My mosquito mojo is back. I thought they didn't like me anymore.... but I just counted 36 bites on my left leg. I am too scared to look at the rest of me.

6) We're kind of dorks.


Jo said...

Aren't you clever. Just embrace the labels already. They are useful.

Great post. Thanks for getting some pictures up so quickly. What time did you end up getting home?

kel said...

I got home on time, believe it or not, at 7:15. I did come close to missing my connecting flight in DFW because we sat on the tarmac in Dallas for almost an hour.

Megan said...

Thanks for posting all the great pics! Is anyone uploading pics to a website to share?