Thursday, September 27, 2007

Daily Dose of Salt

I had a piece of bread on a plate last night at supper that I planned to eat once we were ready and the food was on the table. I put some butter on it, and then topped it off (liberally) with homemade apple butter. Little did I know that the more innocent child of mine was playing with the salt shaker and poured a bunch of it on the bread while I was out of the room. I noticed it was a little bit salty and thought maybe the bread machine hadn't mixed it well enough, which, although it never happens, could be the culprit. But the next bite I knew that I probably didn't even add that much salt for the entire loaf! We knew Anders was playing with the shaker, but he was adamant that he didn't pour it on my bread.

A little bit later he asked if it's ok to pour salt on bread when someone isn't sitting at the table.

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Jo said...

Ew. One time when I was at Denny's, my fries tasted a little funny. I kept eating for a minute and then realized the problem - they had been sugared instead of salted.