Friday, September 28, 2007

Jo's Blog Dump 9/29/2007

We had dinner with Jon's brother and sister-in-law tonight and then Jeff brought over a friend's Wii . Oh my gosh, it is totally going on my Christmas list. How fun. I'm not so sure about one of the games, though. Super Mario Paper is totally trippy. The name doesn't make sense. And Mario collects things like shrooms and pipes. I think this might give us a clue as to what the people who made the game were doing while they were creating it. I did like the part when Mario gets a star and turns into super giant Mario and basically just busts through everything.

Does your landlord say no to pets? Play with this virtual Fido. Certainly worth 3 minutes of your time.

Saddest commercial ever. Sarah, perhaps you shouldn't watch this until sometime after the baby arrives.

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Sars said...

Jo, thanks for the heads up. I will certainly avoid it.