Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jo's Blog Dump 9/16/2007

This is going to be a mishmash of all sorts of things from the last few weeks. Hope you find at least one thing you find interesting.

First, Jon's goddaughter Sydney is turning 1 this week and we were able to go to Columbia this weekend for the festivities. The picture says it all.

My brother started a new tattoo this week - the top of what will eventually be a full sleeve.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I participated in a very New Towny thing to do - a flea market in the ampitheather. Here she is with her very artfully arranged table. We'll definitely do it again now that we know what it's all about. It's a great way to meet the neighbors.

Last week before I started my shift at the bookstore I was walking through the mall and saw this. Look closely and you'll notice the elevator is stuck between floors and is stuffed with people. Here's the story. How could anyone think this was a good idea?

Another site for booklovers. It's called DailyLit and you can get installments of your favorite literature emailed directly to your inbox. You can also subscribe via an RSS feed. This is definitely one worth checking out.

Letterboxing is the new geocaching. Here's the description Design Mom recently posted. "People all over the world put together boxes containing a blank book, a pen, a rubber stamp and an ink pad. They hide the water-proof box in public places (like a park) and then post clues on how to find it on the internet. Letterboxers look up the clues and search out the book, stamping their own books with the stamp they find and making a mark with their own stamp in the letterbox's book. I hear there are over 20,000 boxes hidden in North America alone. (You can find lots more information at This article was especially helpful.)"

Oh yeah, we just got a Chick-Fil-A and a pair of Pei Weis. I'd be even happier if we could get a Dunkin' Donuts.

You can star in your own JibJab. This one took about 5 minutes.

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Sars said...

I hate to say it, Jo, but Jon is much better at hula than you. He's very sensual.