Sunday, September 02, 2007

New Roommate

Well, I didn't exactly request that he move in, nor does he pay any rent, but apparently I have a new roommate:
( for the record: that is NOT my hand)

Now my little gecko friend doesn't scare me, but I am sort of concerned about his intelligence level. Since I have developed a terrible cold (yes, it's 105 outside and I have a "cold") I've been putting in a lot of couch time. In the last several days I have noticed that my friend hangs out on my curtains. Every curtain in my house has been visited. I would think it would be an attempt to get to the outside, yet he isn't on the window, or the blinds, but the curtains. And when I attempt to let him out he freaks out and scampers (?) to the next curtain (like I can't find him?). You might think he's worried that I'm going to kill him, but I do explain each time that it's for his own good and he's going outside (maybe that's the problem because he's grown accustomed to air conditioning and is not stupid enough to go OUTSIDE now). At this rate he will never get outside and I have no idea what he's eating or drinking and how long he can last. I may be a gecko killer by neglect any day now.

Too bad my new little friend isn't a bit more like this

We could have nice conversations over coffee, I love the accent, and perhaps I could get a discount on my car insurance. (on a related note, I got a letter from my insurance company with a coupon for $100 off my deductible if I have a claim in the next 6 months and I actually found myself hoping I'd use it- that is a very sick obsession with coupons).

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Katie said...

What a cute little friend. I can't believe how tiny he (she?) is.