Monday, September 03, 2007

Naked ladies

I thought about not posting this at all, especially after reading Sarah's truly sincere post about the best movie ever...Steel Mags. But then I saw Jo's tasteless, yet hilarious, comercials, so I thought...what the heck.

I'm currently downloading the entire 3rd season of Lost onto my harddrive. (We can talk about Lost later if you'd like, but be aware that I have yet to watch season 3 and will fly into a rage if I get spoiled on anything. A RAGE!) The bit torrent player that I use always has several videos highlighted that they'd like us to check, it's 5 videos from something called Ministry of Sound, all of which seem to feature at least the distal half of female asses prominently in each one. Oh, and Alanis' Ironic is on there too. So looking at said asses, I wonder, "I wonder what would happen if I googled 'Naked Ladies.'" So I take a quick look around my empty efficiency apartment and do it. And click on "Images." And guess what...NOT ONE NAKED LADY! NOT ONE!

Well, that's not entirely true. There was an entire hot tub full of "Bear Naked Ladies" who are putting together a calendar to save the bears. Not scandalous at all. Rather clever if a bit overdone. And there was a statue of a naked lady who happened to be servicing a rather rotund Asian gentleman. That was bizarre enough to warrant further clicking, but when I realized that I had entered some blog about great sex tourism sites in Asia, I decided to backspace myself right on out of there.

Oh, and there's also a flower that's apparently known as the naked lady, and of course, the band made quite a few appearances. Other than that, no scandal was to be had from my scandalous google search. Who knew...

And as for those commercials...that guy's nipples are the nastiest things I have ever seen!

Love to you all!


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