Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Online Destinations For Booklovers

025.431: The Dewey blog
“Everything you always wanted to know about the Dewey Decimal Classification system but were afraid to ask...”

Deliciously Clean Reads
“Good clean books for teens and adults.”

Books, the universe, and everything
I don’t remember when I first ran across this blog, but I instantly saved it to my favorites. The author, Emily, lives in New York and writes (and posts pictures) about her love of books. She’s got a great style and has similar taste as many of us on Apartment Five B.

Librarything is a simple book cataloging site. Simple to use, that is, but full of great features and information. Use it to keep track of the books you own or have read, make recommendations, get recommendations based on other users’ libraries, find other users with the same titles, create or join groups, tag your books, create a blog widget, create a photomosaic of your book covers. So much functionality, so little effort, highly addictive.

Seems to be similar to Librarything. I’m a brand new user so I can’t give a review but several friends are on this one and seem to like it. The main difference seems to be that Librarything is geared more towards books you own, while Goodreads catalogs the books you’ve read (although both sites can serve both functions). Librarything is statistic-rich, while Goodreads facilitates book reviews.

Netflix for books. ‘Nuff said. Booksfree is a similar service.

“Register any book you have on the site, and then set the book free to travel the world and find new readers.” It works like this: 1.) register your book on Bookcrossing and you’ll get a specific number and suggested message to write in the front of your book, 2.) leave the book out “in the wild” – a park bench, Starbucks, etc., 3.) in theory, the person that picks it up will see your note, read the book, update Bookcrossing, and rerelease the book into the wild, 4.) and you can read all about your book’s adventures on Bookcrossing.


Scott said...

Loved your post! Thanks for the BookCrossing mention and shoot us an email with your ideas on how to make the service even better...my best,
CEO BookCrossing

Emily said...

Thanks for linking to Clean Reads!