Friday, October 05, 2007

Curse of the Candy Corn

I have a love-hate relationship with candy corn, as I'm sure most people who eat it do. It's so very delicious, but I have to monitor my consumption because there is a very fine line between "candy corn satisfaction" and "candy-corn nausea". Even one extra candy corn can push you over the line. I seem to think that the only true cure for candy corn nausea is, of course, more candy corn. After self-medicating, I then run into what is called "candy corn regret" and swear off the stuff for good (mainly because the bag is empty.) But of course today I bought another bag, and I am disappointed to say that Target-brand candy corn falls very short of the highest candy corn standards, set by the confectioners over at Brachs. I mean, I'm still going to eat the whole bag by day's end, but the impeding sick tummy just won't be quite as worth it.


Megan said...

My favorite part of candy corn is that one candy corn has fewer calories than one raisin.
I do understand the love-hate relationship. I also get that with peanuts!

kel said...

Sarah, I could have written that post. I am on week 5 of "no" sugar (so I've cheated some, but somehow the candy corns do not seem like I can justify in any way)and I miss the CC. There was, however, something I saw recently which dimmed the love. Someone had made candy corn cookies with oatmeal. They looked so gross I don't even think the CC deliciousness helped. By the way, Walmart brand CCs are also quite disgusting. I had to throw the bag away last time because I knew I would probably eat them anyway. Brachs knows how to do it right, man.